Mare I – AWA Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis technology at its best. From the tankless continuous water running out of the spigot and LED lights that will tell you when the different cartridges have completed their live cycle to the half twist easy-to-change cartridges this Water Purification Unit is at the top of the list.

Two electric pumps will keep a steady 60 psi pressure over its 3 100 gallons per day membranes. This will render a continuous stream of 99.99% water without limitations 24/7

Taste is improved by a final touch of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. Two filters of 5 and 1 microns eliminate the most unwanted suspended and dissolved solids present in tap water. You will enjoy 99.99% water-free of unhealthy contaminants.

Finally, a touch of nature by adding minerals that will enhance taste and are a boost your overall health.